The Anarchist Black Cross is an international network of groups that gives practical support to prisoners of the class war. We give support to:
* People imprisoned for resistance to capitalism: from strikers to revolutionaries
* People framed by the police for ‘crimes’ they haven’t committed
* Working class people locked-up for resisting the violence and exploitation in our daily lives, from people jailed
for fighting back against abusive partners to people stealing back from the bosses
* People imprisoned for the ‘crime’ of escaping from persecution and torture overseas
* People resisting the prison system on the inside and out.

Our activities range from practical assistance such as financial and other material aid to solidarity actions and campaigns on behalf of prisoners. We keep in regular contact with prisoners through visits and/or letter writing as well as publishing information about prisoners, the reality of prisons and the class system which creates them.

Although we fight for changes that makes prisoner’s lives a bit easier, we know that prisons will never benefit us as working class people: they must be torn down along with the rest of the framework of repression that the ruling class uses against us. In all of what we do we are revolutionaries; we work towards the creation of a class based movement that will destroy capitalism and build a new world in it’s place…a world where we control our own lives, based not on profit and violence but on co-operation and community.

We welcome contact and support from prisoners, their families and friends and anyone interested in what we do. We have active groups in many countries worldwide. If you would like to contact us then email abcmelb@yahoo.com.au

Or you can write to us at:
abcmelb po box 1364

collingwood victoria 3066 AUSTRALIA

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