Greetings from Frantz Fanon Foundation   2017, a year of resistance and mobilization

English version
Wednesday 4 january 2017
The Frantz Fanon Foundation wishes everyone a year 2017 of resistance and mobilization.
The year 2016 has been difficult for all peoples and the damned. It nevertheless ended on a historic decision for the Saharawi people. On December 21, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that Morocco and Western Sahara are two distinct territories under separate sovereignty.
Therefore, the economic exploitation of Western Sahara can only be done in the context of self-determination, that is to say, with the consent of the Saharawi people.
2017 begins with an excellent legal decision for Mumia Abu Jamal and all prisoners with chronic hepatitis C. It states that there is an obligation for the prison department to provide appropriate anti-viral treatment to all those who need it. Failure to do so amounts to violating, on the pretext of high cost of treatment, the eighth amendment guaranteeing the obligation of adequate medical care.
Both victories were only possible because of the pugnacious determination of the Saharawi people to have their right to self-determination recognized, on the one hand, and because of the international solidarity movement that is organized around Mumia Abu Jamal and prisoners who are left without care,  and which refuses that they are treated with deliberate indifference, on the other. 
The Frantz Fanon Foundation will continue to be actively involved with those who are fighting against domination under the coloniality of power and knowledge. It will work on the emergence of the decolonial project in which the damned can finally breathe in a world without perpetual war.
2017 will mark also the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Foundation. Let’s join together and move forward!
Together, let’s mobilize for more victories and let’s continue to resist.
The Bureau of the Frantz Fanon Foundation

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