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Greetings Everyone, here’s an update on Seth’s health from his amazing Daughter Crystal.

#BLACKLIVESMATTER in prison too!

I just got off the phone with my father, who’s health is a constant roller coaster. This month alone, he was sent to the infirmary overnight for observations twice and to an outside hospital for emergency treatment. Every time that he returns, all of his belongings are gone — pictures of family, his food that helps him manage his diabetes so that he doesn’t have to eat unhealthy state food, letters, clothes — everything just gone!

One of his friends told him that he asked prison personnel why were they taking my father’s stuff, and they responded, “he’s not coming back, he’s going to die anyway.”

They take his stuff & clear out his cell in anticipation of his death because they know that they’re trying to kill him. They mess with his meds, food, etc every time as if he’s not a person with actual rights!

Prisoners have rights, but I know we aren’t dealing with the kind of system that sees us as human anyway.

He just told me not to worry, but that’s not possible. I am going to worry, because I know that if we don’t get him home soon they will not stop until he’s dead. They do it, just like police shootings, because there’s ZERO accountability.

I am calling the prison tomorrow to complain. It won’t really do anything, except that it’s a reminder to them that he has family who loves him and that we’re all watching them.

We need to stop talking “reform” and talk abolition of this entire criminal justice system. There’s NOTHING humane or just about this system. They treat the US Constitution like a suggestion when it involves Black and Brown people, poor people, people in prison, etc whether you’re in prison or not.

We have no rights that they feel obligated to respect, legal or otherwise.

This was a hard week, but to learn of my dad’s illness and how they took all of his personal items just to mess with him when he’s already vulnerable and sick, only further confirms what I know to be true – this system needs to be abolished! It’s cruel, inhumane, and degrading. Prisoners have rights! We ALL have rights.

They don’t get to arbitrarily decide who lives and who dies! We need to remind the world that #blacklivesmatter in prison too!

I know some people will read this and ask “but don’t we need the police and prisons to be safe?” Really? White people already live a life of prison abolition. Go into any predominately white middle-class community and I will show you what prison abolition looks like. It means a life free from constant police harassment, arrest, and incarceration. It means a life where there are resources like excellent schools with well-paid teachers, and healthy food. It’s a life where you have safe parks where kids get to play without fear of being shot by the police. Don’t tell me prison abolition isn’t possible when white people are already living it!

We need to combine our call for #BlackLivesMatter with a call for prison abolition and freedom of political prisoners! Until we connect these dots, not much is going to change.

COINTELPRO made sure that prison was going to be the state-sanctioned way to end dissent. This isn’t a pipe-dream. Either we abolish this prison/police state now or we just need to accept that these street style police lynchings will never stop nor will we ever get to a place where we shift resources from punishment to human rights strategies that address our social problems. We can’t demand better healthcare and education, but then send poor people to prison!”

Seth is scheduled to see an endocrinologist in the near future and feels the current doctor is trying to address his medical needs. We will keep people posted as the results and if there is any need to advocate on his behalf. Thank you for all your support and please send Seth a letter of encouragement and support and/or include funds.

Robert Seth Hayes #74-A-2280
Sullivan Correctional Facility,
P.O. Box 116,
Fallsburg, NY 12733-0116

United States

Birthday: October 15, 1948

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