action in narrm (melbourne ) against treatment of detainees at Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in The Northern Territory

last week on abc four corners some shocking footage came out underlining the brutal torture of aboriginal teenagers, gassed by there oppressors then hosed down by force also a young aborigial teen put in a restraining chair with a spit hood placed over his head , this was like a seen from Guantanamo Bay but this was at Don Dale Youth Detention Centre in the northern territory as this shocking news come to light we also must remember that genocide of aboriginal people has been happening since colonisation in so-called australia and also aboriginal deaths in custody has increased since TheRoyal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody such as cases like miss dhu who had broken ribs, bleeding on the lungs and was in excruciating pain. Locked up for days without proper medical attention over $1000 in unpaid fines – at just 22 years of age she died in her cell as a result of her injuries. She begged for help mr ward who was placed in a police van causing death from a third degree burns in side the van

Cameron Doomadgee who died in police cells at palm island and many other aboriginal deaths in custody the action in narrm (melbourne ) was called Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance – WAR it started at 1pm at the state library there was a fire ceremony and several strong speakers about a 500 or more supporters , we matched down swanston street to bourke street where we occupied the intersection for about 15 minutes , we continue the the corner of flinders and swanston street a cage was set up in the middle of the intersection this cage was the same size as the cells at dondale detention centre where 4 womin lock on to the cage inside with bicycle locks and chains people sat around the cage demands where made to close down dondale detention centre and sack the Territory government at 730pm the occupation / sit in was still going then between 2am and 4am police came in to remove protesters some with brute-force was used the police remove protesters around the cage to get access to the cage so they can remove the 4 womin this is another example of state violence

this article was written on stolen land


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