june 11 at of solidarity for long term anarchist prisoners 2016

June 11th is the day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners. This is not meant to exclude fighters for the earth and animals, because the ravagers of the earth, animals and humans are overlapping forces. While some may insist on creating a binary between these two currents of struggle, we do not. Marius and Eric are both of those things, so are many (most?) long-term anarchist prisoners, so are most people working on this project. Our antagonism includes, and is larger than, thwarting the despoilers of the earth and enslavers of animals. We are against all of society.


Wurundjeri Country collingwood Melbourne june  11 2016 2pm  members of anarchist blackcross melbourne and the pink block  held a banner drop  on a pedestrian bridge, going over  busy hoddle street to show solidarity to longterm anarchist prisoners 

we  also acknowledge Wurundjeri elders past and present that this action took place is  on stolen land




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