FBI Arrests 2 Independentista Fighters

puerto-rico-political-prisoner-imageOn Wednesday Orlando Gonzalez Claudio, a former political prisoner who in 1985 was arrested for his participation in the 1983 expropriation of 7 million from Wells Fargo carried out by the Macheteros was detained by the FBI and forced to submit to DNA testing.

On Thursday Norberto Cintron Fiallo, Chairman of the Coordinadora Cariben-a y Latinoamericana of Puerto Rico and federal grand jury resister was detained and forced to submit to DNA testing.

On Friday Juan Segarra Palmer was also detained for the same purpose. Segarra Palmer is also a former political prisoner as a result of the Wells Fargo expropriation.

A federal judge has issued 16 warrants to force Pro independence fighters to submit to testing
None have been notified prior and the names on the remaining warrants are unknown. The 3 detained so far have been stopped while on the road with heavy FBI presence.  The 3 are known totally committed to the Liberation of Puerto Rico and known not to be vulnerable to intimidation and for this reason it is widely understood that the tactics used by the FBI are aimed at attempting to intimidate people in Puerto Rico to not support Puerto Rican Independence.

It is evident that a US government operation is once again at play in Puerto Rico.

It is widely believed that the investigation under which these acts are being carried out is to investigate a clandestine military operation carried out in Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico over 30 years ago which left 2 Navy men dead and 10 wounded.

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(rough translation)

Third independentist is tested for DNA
By Frances Rosario and Mariana Cobián

A third former political prisoner, Juan Segarra Palmer, was subjected to forced DNA tests.

During the week, pro-independence organizations denounced the arrests of two other activists, Orlando Gonzalez Claudio and Norberto Cintron Fiallo by federal agents on the orders of federal Judge Jose A. Fuste to undergo DNA testing.

The spokesman for the FBI, Carlos Osorio, saying only that the case is not the FBI’s, rather the Criminal Intelligence Service of the Navy (NCIS, its acronym in English ) and with FBI support.

After contacting the NCIS staff, their spokesperson said that they neither confirm nor deny that there is an ongoing investigation.

This newspaper obtained a copy of the search warrant for Cintron Fiallo, which was received on April 18 and signed by Judge Fusté. It includes Fiallo’s social security number and physical description.

“I find that any allegations or evidence establishes probable cause to search for and seize a person or property and that the search will take tissue samples and saliva via buccal swabs.” The officers are authorized to use all reasonable efforts and / or force to ensure such samples if the person refuses to comply, read the order.  It does not specify whether the process is an ongoing investigation or precisely what it is.

It adds that the sample must be taken before May 9 between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

Wilma Reveron, the National Hostos Independence Movement (MINH), said the three will meet with lawyers.

The orders are being carried out by the FBI. They are identifying when people are completely alone. They do not allow them to call relatives or lawyers. They are told that the order says they are authorized to use necessary force to comply with the court orders.

The MINH stated that this is the beginning of a wave of repression against the independence movement for their militancy against imperialist plans to impose a board of federal fiscal control, the refusal to recognize territorial power that can be exercised upon our nation by a foreigner and our rights to use civil disobedience, resistance and non-cooperation with the US foreign power. They call for the use of civil disobedience, resistance, non-cooperation and struggle.

Tests were done in a Medical Center.

The former president of the Bar Association and spokesman of the Committee for Human Rights, Eduardo Villanueva Muñoz, said that once the DNA tests were made at the Medical Center in Rio Piedras, he was freed.

“I do not know whether to say freedom. It must be said that the state has laid eyes on him … The action represents who have laid eyes on it,” said Villanueva, referring mainly to the case of González Claudio.

We’re very worried that these actions are to intimidate and deter the people of Puerto Rico, not only the independence movement, because there are many sectors that are becoming aware of the fiscal control board, which is a dictatorship legitimized byAmerican law, not by the people of Puerto Rico, and people have been talking about organizing resistance against the junta, according to Villanueva.

He noted that “the fundamental right such as association and expression, are violated when state power is used to frighten and intimidate people being searched in front of others and made to take samples without being charged.

Segarra Palmer was imprisoned on charges of conspiracy and transportation of money related to the expropriation and transport of funds from Wells Fargo Securities in Hartford.

González Claudio is former political prisoner in the same case with two of his brothers, Avelino and Norberto, and other members of the Boricua Popular Army, better known as Los Macheteros, for stealing $ 7 million from Wells Fargo on September 12, 1983 . he was arrested on 30 August 1985 and sentenced to five years in prison.

Cintron Fiallo was arrested February 2006 by federal authorities for alleged links with the Macheteros.


Puerto Rico: FBI Arrests 2 Independentista Fighters

by: Prensa Latina (Cuban media outlet)

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