This is a new letter by longtime Political Prisoner David Gilbert published in a pamphlet of US political prisoner writings for a recent delegation to Palestine.


This is a new letter by longtime Political Prisoner David Gilbert published in a pamphlet of US political prisoner writings for a recent delegation to Palestine.

Solidarity was forged as former political prisoners in Palestine and former US-held political prisoners in our delegation discussed parallel experiences. Palestinian audiences at both conferences were moved by the messages we brought with us in a collection of letters from currently incarcerated US political prisoners, some of whom have already served 40 years and more, ”to their Palestinian sisters and brothers. Our colleagues at Birzeit University’™s Institute for Women’™s Studies translated the letters into Arabic. The solidarity was palpable during the final plenary of Birzeit’s conference, when the phone rang, and we heard the voice of US political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal. Mumia was calling from Pennsylvania to express solidarity with and love for the people of Palestine.

The entire pamphlet can be read here 

The Palestinian struggle is a matter of the most urgent and fundamental solidarity

As a Jew born at the end of World War II, the event that loomed over the very formation of my consciousness was the Holocaust. For me, for many of us, there was a paramount lesson carved deeply into the twin tablets of morality and history: racism is the greatest evil that leads to the most hideous inhumanity. Others drew the opposite conclusion and embraced Zionism on the basis that Jews need a state of our own regardless of the cost to others. While Jews had good reasons to build a foundation for survival and development, the necessary concessions were due from the imperial anti-Semitic powers. Never should such security be achieved by oppressing other people. Never. Identifying with the West, Israel, from its inception, has served as an aggressive forward military base for U.S. imperialism in the oil-rich Middle East—a spearhead for keeping reactionary regimes in power and promoting chaos and divisions throughout the region.
Zionism has been an ongoing process of occupation and colonization of Palestine. As the examples of the U.S. and apartheid South Africa show, settler colonialism generates the most fulsome forms and practices of racism. For Palestine that includes the over 5 million persons, half of their nation, living in exile; the thousands of people killed and wounded by the Israeli military; the criminal strangulation of the Palestinian economy and public health infrastructure; the turning of Gaza into essentially an open-air prison for 1.8 million people; the widespread illegal practice of preventive detentions; and more.
I can’t even begin to grasp the results in terms of pervasive and mounting humanitarian crises that are so horribly painful. At the same time Palestine is an incredible inspiration as people have found creative and courageous ways to build resistance, including the brave resilience of the youth; the local demonstrations to tear down the apartheid wall erected to cut off Palestinian villages; and the resonating call by some 175 organizations of Palestinian civil society that initiated the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (EDS) of Israeli colonialism. This now global campaign includes demands to stop Israeli racism, end the occupation, and uphold the right of all Palestinians to return to their homeland.
The Palestinian struggle for self-determination and sovereignty is a matter of the most urgent and fundamental solidarity; it is also a front-line struggle for justice for all of us.
David Gilbert
(anti-imperialist political prisoner)

The Delegation statement can be read here.


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