anarchist black cross bulletin august 2016 part 1

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Hello and welcome to the autumn Edition of the Anarchist Black Cross Melbourne Bulletin. In this edition, we pay tribute to the upcoming Anniversary of Ray Jackson, Indigenous warrior and activist who passed away on 23 april, 2015 We have some messages from Ray’s Daughter Carolyn and also from Debbie Brennan from Radical Women. There’s also a wonderful article about prisons and gender diversity written by Karen, a Transgender woman. There’s much more, so happy Reading.

( photo of prison raiser wires with aboriginal flag in the back ground )

Radical Women Tribute to Ray Jackson

Ray Jackson was Radical Women’s close friend and collaborator, both in  Australia and the United States. We met him 20 years ago through the fight of the Bundjalung people of Baryulgil NSW against James Hardie, and we’ve fought side-by-side ever since.

Ray was a leader who believed in the leadership of those oppressed many times over, namely women. He looked to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women as the most implacable warriors against this racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and barbaric capitalist system. 

Ray insisted that the struggle for Koori Justice is interdependent with the struggles of everyone under the boot of capitalism, worldwide. He fought for reproductive justice and justice for trans people, refugees and workers as hard as he did for global indigenous justice. He never stopped saying that justice for those at the bottom will lift us all. He wanted nothing more than to see global capitalism demolished and replaced by an equal, just, socialist, feminist world.

Radical Women will miss our Brother Warrior. But Ray’s fighting spirit and example will always stay with us. And when the revolution he fought for finally comes, we’ll feel his smile. And his raised fist will join ours. 
Debbie Brennan, For Radical Women.


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