> December 2nd: Petr S., an anarchist who was accused during police
> operation Fenix for conspiring to prepare a terrorist attack against a
> train carrying military equipment – attack prepared by two infiltrated
> police men – was released from custodial jail. Petr has been under
> investigation for more cases lately. In our pamphlet “Fenix didn’t
> rise from the ashes” you can read more information about the case.
> Also more about Petr can be found under the category “Petr S.”
> Although Petr is out of prison at the moment, his case isn’t over and
> he is still awaiting trial. A trial which can send him behind bars for
> many long years. Like the other 7 people accused during operation
> Fenix – Petr still has our full support.
> Welcome home Petr!

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